Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Cliff Notes

Just a strange way to eat a hot dog!
  • Kat Boo's 3rd Birthday Party
  • Always interesting watching the girls eat their food.
  • Clocked 10 mile route for Saturday's long run.
  • Hung out at home with the girls, watched Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory

Saddling Up!

The girls really like this statue!
  • 10 mile run, best run I've had. Quite pleased with my time, nothing to brag about, but definitely have improved!
  • Trip to San Antonio, for Kathy's 60th birthday!
  • Parker rode a mechanical bull 
  • Jancie (MIL) gave me a Foodsaver
  • Girls were impressed with some of the paintings on the side of buildings in SA.
  • Parker vomited in La Margarita, and then in the car on our way back to Austin! Always fun!!
  •  Stopped in San Marcos at a Walmart to clean up vomit, buy towels and clothing for Parker.
Fixing my door!
  • Church
  • Cleaned out a vomit contaminated car; found living things in my car.You don't even want to know!
  • Brian fixed my driver's side back door. OMG! So nice to have a door that opens!
  • Target trip

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